Arrow Storage Shed Review


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arrow storage shed kitThe extra-large Vinyl Arrow Murryhill 12×17 heavy-duty structure is the finest alternative for substantial storage needs or workshop/hobby area. The unique roll-up, garage-style door and gable roof blends attractively with its long-term vinyl-coated exterior steel surface area to supply optimal value for your storage dollar. A 2nd sliding side door permits problem-free access to saved items or work space.

This metal storage shed is the 2nd smallest of the Arrow Murryhill line of workhorse sheds that feature a roll up garage design door and sliding side door….read full shed review

Expert Advice For Selecting Wood Shed Kits



wood building kitWood shed kits can be a remarkable means to save some cash when looking for a storage option for your back yard. Most shed kits generally come with everything you require to build your shed, however occasionally; they won’t include materials for the foundation.

Most often it is easy not to give much thought to the foundation, but it is among the most important parts of your construction. It must have the ability to support the weight of your shed and it also needs to have the ability to support the weight of the shed contents as well. The foundation, if not done effectively, can mess up not just the appearances of your shed; it can likewise shorten the durability if your shed collapses from lack of appropriate support.

Another thing you will certainly need to consider for your shed is how you will complete the exterior. Given that there are so many ways to color scheme a shed, the exterior surface is generally not painted in wood shed kits. There are so many methods to make your wood shed appearance excellent and last for many years. You might use stain, paint and even cedar shingles. Whatever method that you pick utilizing to finish the looks of your shed; ensure that you do not cut corners on quality. Your shed will certainly last longer and look far better if you spend a little additional time and money on this part of your construction.

Wood shed kits can save you significant time and money when choosing to develop a shed kit, however you have to understand that wood shed kits are practically never 100 % complete. There are many other things that you need to think about. That is when having a total, in-depth set of shed plans will be an invaluable resource. If you have an excellent set of plans you can compare numerous wood shed kits and see precisely what is included.

Your plans will certainly have detailed material lists and you can price the products that you are missing and be able to quickly compare the different kit prices. Usually the money you save will certainly be a lot more than the price of the plans and you will certainly have the shed plans for future use. When you incorporate a good set of shed plans with wood shed kits it is the easiest means to build your shed and conserve both time and your hard earned money.

Have you been attempting to find a basic solution to your storage needs? If you are looking for a simple way to construct the shed you need, then look no farther than wood shed kits.

Wood Storage Sheds are the Best Option for Storage Outdoors


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wood storage shed option
There are basically three shed types: wood, vinyl and metal. And there are common misconceptions among customers regarding all three. Wood sheds are generally considered the hardest and most costly kind of shed to preserve.

The most usual wood shed complaints are:

“You need to weatherproof and repaint every year.”
“Moisture decays the wood and you have to replace it.”
Or, our favorite: “It will not last as long as vinyl and metal.”

Those are much stronger arguments, but not true facts. Though you must effectively maintain wood sheds to maximize its life span in your yard, it is in fact the finest selection as an outdoor storage option– even in regards to maintenance.

vinyl shed kit

The Low Upkeep Storage Option.
Wood and vinyl certainly win this battle. Though metal doesn’t require jobs like painting, metal sheds have no choice but to be replaced once they begin to rust (and it’s unavoidable due to humidity and other outdoor elements). Vinyl is a close 2nd, once it fractures, the cracks spread out, and your vinyl shed will need replacement as well.

Our Handy Home wood sheds have literally survived many of the infamous hurricanes of recent years! We had past clients send us images of their sheds, and they were still intact. Although metal sheds are the most affordable shed in the beginning, metal storage sheds can cost home owners much more in the long haul. Metal sheds are highly deceiving, since they are quickly dented and banged up by the wind…after many dents, it becomes structurally damaged and eventually unusable. Vinyl sheds can have the strength of wooden ones, however, once the material establishes cracks, it spreads out throughout the structure itself and becomes hardened and brittle.

shed for sale

All 3 shed kinds serve a similar function for your storage needs. The biggest distinction here is that unlike vinyl and metal, wood sheds are highly customization. You can add extra shelving, a loft space, or windows/skylight with ease. Not a lot of options with the other shed types.

Aesthetically, wood and vinyl are much more appealing than metal– which usually does not match any house design well. Vinyl sheds generally are nice-looking, however, its hard to personalize them to match your home. Wood sheds can be painted or shingled to resemble your house– and you can always make extra updates if you ever select to.

wood building

Overall Cost.
Vinyl sheds are the most pricey. So, if you’re looking to remain within a particular budget plan, these generally aren’t cost effective. Include in the fact that vinyl accessories, like shelves, need to be added– you can not easily diy with these. Metal sheds are the most affordable, however the life expectancy is extremely short in comparison to wood and vinyl sheds.

Wood Sheds Declares Victory in the Battle as the Ideal Outdoor Storage Solution…
Hands down, wood sheds wins the battle among shed classification. It’s easy to see why Handy Home sheds would be a smart investment!

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Best Designs for Building A Wood Storage Shed!


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handy home shed

There are dozens of different designs for storage sheds available in the market. Wood sheds are considered to be easier to build and are also a more economical solution for people who want a storage shed. Wood is one of the most common materials that is used in building sheds, and the versatile and durable exterior of wood enables it to be molded in a variety of different styles.

There are mainly three different designs of wood storage sheds which are extremely popular among homeowners and people who want an extra storage shed option. They are:

  • The Barn style Shed
  • The Vertical Shed
  • The Gable Shed

To make it even easier for you, there are numerous barn style shed kits, which allow you to construct a wood storage shed quite comfortably and without the need of a professional. If you are considering building a shed on your property, here are some of the best designs for building a wood storage shed.

The Barn Shed

A common design in terms of wood sheds is the barn style shed. The shape of the shed resembles a barn which is where it has got its name from. Not only is it spacious from the inside and provides plenty of space for head and leg room, which is enough to convert it into a mini attic. It is one of the oldest designs for wood storage sheds and also looks quite appealing on your property.

The Vertical Shed

If you don’t have enough space on your property then you should definitely choose the vertical shed. It is easy to construct, does not cost as much and also looks very nice on the outside as well. There are lots of do it yourself shed kits which are offering the vertical shed design to homeowners because of those factors. The shed will only be 6 feet high and 2 feet wide and is suitable for storing garden tools and equipment. Most people place shelves around the storage so that they can keep more stuff in the limited spaced shed. However, if you live in an area which is prone to high winds and adverse weather conditions then you should make sure that you place some weights around the shed, since it is susceptible to toppling over.

The Gable Shed

Pretty much like the barn shed, this design offers plenty of room for storing stuff and also has ample space to accommodate other things. It is another common DIY handy home shed design and is considered to be easy to construct and also looks very good to the eyes as well. This shed does not have an angled roof and comes quite close to providing the storage space of the barn shed.

A storage shed is an important necessity today and you can find the best storage sheds in the market quite easily if you know which designs to select. If you are looking for wood storage shed designs, please visit: today!

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4 Pointers For Selecting An Outdoor Shed


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vinyl storage shed kit

Had enough of not being able to use your backyard or garage for the function it was planned for? Then its about time you considered using some of the space you have in your yard to set up a diy storage shed. One of the first things you will see is that there are a large range of various types of storage structures for you to select from. There are sheds for the garden, shed for the backyard, patio sheds, tools sheds, firewood storage, job-site sheds, and much more. Therefore,  finding a storage shelter that meets your specific demands should not prove a problem.

Below, we offer some pointers that you may discover beneficial in figuring out which of the many outdoor storage structures is going to be the right one for you.

Pointer 1 – Before you head out and buy a storage shed kit you should determine exactly what you will be making use of yours for, then you can decide how small or big it needs to be. It is a great idea to produce a list of products that you plan to store in your storage shed and how large or small they are. This way you can then look for a outdoor structure that will not only permit you the space to store every little thing in it that you desire, but will likewise enable you lots of space to get to everything easily when needed.

Pointer 2 – Another thing that has to be taken a look at so you can choose which storage shed for sale is right for your unique requirement, is just how much area is offered in the garden or backyard where you would like it to go. If you only have a small garden or yard and area is limited, then it might be worth considering a garden storage shed that can be constructed against the side of your house or carport instead of a free standing one. These are called lean-to sheds.

Pointer 3 – Along with ensuring that the shed is one that allows you to keep every thing you want to store in it, you will need to make sure that the doors are of a good size also. Many people forget that they will have products that are large to store in their shed, therefore the door needs to be of a size that allows them to obtain these big or irregular shaped items in and out of the storage structure easily.

Pointer 4 – Another thing you have to take into account when buying an outdoor storage shed is: will there be enough space inside for you to move easily. This is crucial if you are intending to use yours not only for keeping household and garden products, but likewise as a workshop or office.

Within this short article, we have provided some suggestions that hopefully will show helpful when you are looking at storage sheds for sale, so you can determine what is the right one for you. If you prefer, you could build one from scratch, which will cost a bunch of money, specifically, if you are thinking about a wooden shed. The various other options you have is to choose an arrow shed kit where all the parts and materials are offered. These shed kits can be erected making use of only a few basic tools.

Top 10 Reasons to Buy a Storage Shed Kit


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10 Best Reasons to Buy a Shed Kit

Article provided by by Chris Denem
sheds for sale10′ x 13′ Arrow Storage Shed Kit

I am certain that there are more than 10 great reasons to purchase a shed kit!. Below are a few of the most obvious ones. If you’re considering getting a backyard or garden yard shed kit, put it off no longer. Spring is a’comin’, and it’s high time to win back some real estate in your garage or yard. Take a look at it like an early opportunity to get organized in 2014. The majority of individuals know that shed kits are useful for storage, but there are many other reasons why you should include a shed to your to-do list!

Well, of course a shed kit can be utilized for storage. But let’s think outside the box even more!

Storage, storage, storage. Ever get tired of looking at cluttered boxes in your closet? I know I do. Get all those old Christmas lights and decorations from your hall closet and into a proper storage shed. We started spring cleaning early this year. We started by tackling the back patio and cluttered closets. I thought I was on an episode of hoarders. It was a mess! We had presently beenrenting a storage unit at 89.99 per month. It get’s costly month to month! We decided to shop storage sheds for sale and looked into the many different shed kit designs on the market. We looked into wood, metal, and vinyl. We looked at the the smaller 8×610×810×10, and finally decided on the larger 10×13 metal shed. We were able to cancel our storage unit and was able to free up our cluttered garage, patio, and closets. The shed will pay for itself over time. It comes with a manufacturers warranty of 12 years.

buy storage shedsMetal Storage Shed Kit

Kids will leave you alone. Seriously, kids will take your shed and make it into a playhouse no matter if you want them to or not. While they’re outside playing in your storage shed, you can relax with a book or enjoy a movie without hearing them shriek!

Hobbies. Getting a tool shed will compel you to use up those pastimes you constantly state you wish to do, however say you don’t have the time, or the place to keep your pastime materials. Relax and enjoy your life!

Security. Think of all those items you have lying around your backyard, bikes, lawnmowers, yard items, etc. If you had a shed you can stress less about them getting stolen. It makes your lawn less appealing to the prospective thieves too.

vinyl shed kitVinyl Storage Shed

Cleanliness. They state tidiness is beside godliness. Well, having a good clean yard may not make you more spiritual, but it sure will make your backyard more delightful. Get your garden and yard organized with a garden shed kit.

Creativity. A recent study revealed that people who own sheds are more most likely to be creative. Okay, that wasn’t actually from Family Feud, I made it up. However in reality, if you have the area to be imaginative, you more likely will be. Shed Kits can be customized quickly to fit your tastes. The even more creative your surroundings are, the more creative you will be!

wood storage shedHandy Home Wood Shed Kit

Privacy. Man caverns aren’t just for garages anymore. A man shed can be an excellent escape when you wish to have alone time to yourself, but you can’t leave the family. Turn your shed into a man cave and take pleasure in some solitude. Turn your shed into a house. With a little bit of modification, you can transform it into a stylish structure that gives you solitude.

Value. Having a backyard storage shed can add value to your house. Just in case you’re considering selling, having a storage structure in your garden or yard can give your house that added boost in the seller’s market.

Peace of mind. Having a yard shed can offer you comfort in lots of instances. Understanding that all your stuff is secured and safe during inclement weather, away from burglars and from the hands of kids makes a person sleep better in the evening. safe and secure storage solutions

sheds for lessFabric Shed by Shed in a Box

Life pleasure. Garden sheds by themselves do not always offer any additional life satisfaction. But all the above reasons do, and having all those things in your life sure does make life more delightful.

Get your Garage & Backyard Tools Organized Now! There are no Excuses …If your garage is getting littered with tools and other collectibles, do not wait to make a new year’s resolution of getting things organized with a name new storage shed kit.

Wood Storage Shed Designs


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wood storage sheds & cedar shedsThere are a wide range of wood storage shed designs and a variety of designs to select from. Nonetheless, finding one that you will love will depend substantially upon on your own choices and preferences. However, here are a few guidelines and concepts to think about. First, have a look at the style and design of your house. Most people will construct a wood shed that matches the design of their home.

Next choose what you are going to store inside your shed. Is it going to be made use of as a workshop, a place for storing your bikes, gardening tools, lawnmowers, or to keep a watercraft or tractor?

Once you have actually chosen the function for building a storage shed, consider how much space you will need and if there suffices room for the square footage of your yard. You may even want to think about if it is going to be a one story or a two-story sized shed.

A shed could be built from metal, wood or vinyl, although you will frequently discover that the most popular material to develop a shed is wood. Wood storage sheds are more versatile to deal with and can be replaced quickly if ever needed. Wood sheds also are more durable and can be tailored much faster than metal or vinyl. However, building a wood shed can be costly and time consuming. Depending on the size of the wood shed design you choose to construct will determine whether or not a building permit will be required. Always check with your local ordinances before you start with your shed construction.

If you decide to build a wood storage shed, below are a couple pointers that could assist you. Initially, decide exactly what type of wood you wish to utilize, cedar wood, standard wood, or redwood. Basically any type of wood will be strong and durable and should withstand weather damage much better than using a particle board type fiber wood.

Now it’s time to decide exactly what design and style you desire for your wood shed

Some excellent styles consist of: Quaker, Victorian, Cottage, Garden, Gambrel, a Dutch barn, or you can even  construct a New England cabin. For the siding some good selections include: Red Cedar, Novelty Pine, or a Pine Clapboard. Likewise think about putting a cupola on the roofing system, including windows, flower boxes, shutters, doors, and unique accessories like hinges and double doors.

Wood storage sheds must also be weather-proofed to keep out the moisture making it water-tight

Weather-proof covering your shed will also help your shed withstand mold, sun, termites, and various other outdoor elements. After weather-proofing your shed, make sure to adjust your lawn sprinklers to shoot away from the shed to lengthen the coatings life. It is also a good idea to add a drain system to allow the water to stream away from the base of the shed.

A wood storage shed can also be personalized

You can choose to personalize your wood shed with working shelves, potting benches, storage bins, sun rooms, lights, HVAC, windows, tool racks, electricity and water. A durable shed will not only supply shelter from the sun, rain and wind, but can also be used for a workshop as well.

Take your time when considering shed plans prior to building your wood storage shed

There are assortments of sophisticated designs to select from. You will find that wood sheds are stunning and enjoyable to have. They can even enhance the value of your house and the landscaping of your yard.

Various Types of Storage Sheds


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types of storage sheds availableThere are numerous storage shed designs accessible on the market today. If you have a professional with knowledge in carpentry, they can customize conventional designs to come up with great variations that match your existing home or various other structures. The sort of shed you pick for your backyard, garden, or lawn will depend upon the planned use and effective ways by which you would like it to appear.


Here are a couple of regular storage shed styles

  • Gable Sheds – Simple shed with double doors and windows (positioned to match your requirements).
  • Quaker Sheds – Sheds with an incredibly conventional appearance – a center line roofing countered forward making a prolonged eave over the doors (fantastic for keeping rain off the doors). A cupola may be included easily to Quaker sheds.
  • Cape Cod Sheds – Sheds with dormers, double doors plus a single 9 or 11 light entry door. A shed dormer has a single-planed roofing system, pitched at a shallower angle than the main roofing.
  • Hip Roof Sheds -A hipped roofing shed has a roofing exactly where all sides slope downwards to the walls, normally with a relatively gentle slope.
  • Barn Sheds – Traditional baby barns with double doors.
  • Dutch Barn Sheds – Are comparable to Barn Sheds however have a door consisted of on the front wall.
  • Tool or Garden Sheds– Little sheds built especially for saving yard tools and little lawn equipment.

The most typical storage shed designs used for storage is the Gable. These might be one or two stories, may have an attic region (permitting you to store products you require much less frequently), and the outside could be decorated with flowers, plants, or anything else you desire — developing a flexible style that could quickly match your home or backyard style.

Quaker sheds are comparable to gable shed designs, but the front has an incredibly unique appearance– there is a little eave that extends about 1-2 feet over the front of the shed and has a strong angular piece of wood extending from the front edge of the roof to the front wall. This angular piece of wood provides the shed its distinctive look.

Cape Cod sheds are similar to gable shed buildings, however the roof is much much more angular. This makes it a wonderful choice in areas that it snows a lot. Designs may range from rustic to adorable & modern.

A hip roof shed has a splendidly satisfying roofing design. The top, center of the roofing system is either a point or line and the roofing angles down on all sides from this point. Rather of having 2 sloping sides for the roof, there are 4. Due to having even more angles (one at the leading and four far more sloping from the top of the roofing system to the bottom), these roofing’s have a much better opportunity of leaking than gable-style roofs.

Garden tool sheds are perfect if you do not have a lot to store in them. They are excellent for little lawn equipment, gardening tools, fishing poles and tackle, or  feed & tack if you only require to keep a couple of select products. Some individuals have numerous tool sheds constructed rather of 1 huge storage shed. They do this since it looks much better overall on their landscape or due to the fact that they desire some items kept in 1 place and extra products kept in an addition.

Whatever you decide, be certain to look around at your selections before having a contractor develop any shed they want on your property. There are numerous selections and styles easily accessible and having a great looking shed installed does not typically cost much much more than having an awful looking  one constructed.